Corrections Are Our Friend!

Ready to take your CNA exam? Want to pass on your first try? Then make sure you correct all mistakes! This video will explain the correction process, when they can be used, how to make corrections and how they impact your testing score. A must-see for anyone preparing to test! Additional resources available at

[Série Sims 4] CNA – SAISON 1 | ◄❶⓿►

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PS : L’histoire que raconte Rylie est une histoire vraie puisque je l’ai vécue ! Tout ce que je dis est vrai, à la place de Rylie c’était moi, mon frère à la place de Soleil, ma mère à la place de Chase, mon père à la place d’Earvin, mes grands-parents c’étaient le frère et sa femme, et la sœur de mon grand père la personne décédée. Dormez bien ah ah XD

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The TRUTH about minimalist YouTubers

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Panel de DirecTV Sports lamenta SANCIÓN FIFA a PAOLO GUERRERO

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Workbook and Competency Evaluation Review

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Get the most out of your nurse assisting textbook, and review for your certification exam! Corresponding to the chapters in Sorrentino and Remmert’s Mosby’s Textbook for Nursing Assistants, 9th Edition, this workbook reinforces your understanding with numerous exercises and review questions. Checklists help you study skills — with a checklist for each of the 100+ procedures in the text. The Competency Evaluation Review section helps you prepare for the CNA exam with a review of content, a skills evaluation review, and two practice exams. Answers are included for all review questions and practice exams! Comprehensive review corresponds chapter-by-chapter to the textbook. Competency Evaluation Review section includes a content review and review questions for all key topics, a skills evaluation review, and two practice exams that help to prepare you for the written certification exam. A wide variety of exercises enhances learning and keeps you interested in the material. Skills checklists help you review and practice the procedures required for certification. Independent learning activities in every chapter allow additional review and practice. Optional learning exercises are provided for longer programs and/or higher-level students. NEW review chapters are added to correspond to the five new chapters in the textbook.

Vainglory – Get That Elo EP 076: Quick Draw Gwen (Update 2.10)

Although crystal power Gwen has been all the hype the last few weeks I still enjoy playing weapon power. Having the option to Skedaddle away when you get into some sticky situations. I knew keeping my distance and working my way to my items was going to be our best option in this game because once I got that breaking point Rona was in big trouble.

0:01 – Draft Mode
1:47 – Loading Screen
2:02 – Game Start

Thanks for watching and stay positive!

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Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King – Vantablack
Haywyre – Back and Forth
Tokyo Machine – BLAST
Puppet – Dynamo – Dynamo
WRLD – By Design – By Design
Infected Mushroom – Spitfire

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Carry Gameplay | NA Server | Vainglory 2.10

What’s a Medical Surgical Nurse?

Just a quick break down of what a Registered Nurse does on a day on the Medical Surgical Unit in the Hospital. Heres a huge Hint (Time Management)

Medical-surgical nursing has evolved from an entry-level position to an adult health specialty which I noticed is no longer viewed as stepping-stone but is the solid rock and the backbone of every nursing community.

Click here to see the Registered Nursing Job Description:
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