Endocrine System Made Easy | Picmonic Nursing Webinar

The endocrine system is full of confusing organs, hormones, and feedback systems. In this webinar, Picmonic’s Content Director, Kendall Wyatt, RN, teaches you the main concepts in an easy-to-understand way!
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Communicating with Doctors as a New Nurse or Nursing Student Tips

As a new nurse or nursing student it can be nerve-wracking when communicating with a doctor. Many times it is because you don’t know how to ask for something for a patient. This can be because you’re new to the profession. Your gut tells you something is wrong with the patient, but you don’t know what it is and what to ask for.

Tip 1: Practice! Practice! Practice!
Don’t let the first time you talk to a doctor about a patient be when you’re out of orientation on your own. As a nursing student, you want to practice communicating with doctors on a regular basis and to not leave this task up to your preceptor.

Tip 2: Be prepared!
Before calling a doctor about a patient or speaking to them during rounds, write down important information about the patient. Remember you will have more than one patient and you don’t want to get them confused.

Write down the following information on your report sheet before calling or speaking to a physician: (see video for this information)

Tip 3: Know who you are dealing with!
Doctors are just like every other co-worker. They each have different quirks about them. Some doctors can be friendly, patient, and provide explanations to your questions. While others can be rude, impatient, and quick to cut you off while talking.

Tip 4: Be confident, stand your ground, but be respectful!
Don’t be scared or timid when speaking to a doctor. Avoid staring at the ground while talking to them or speaking in a low tone voice. You want to show you are confident as a nurse who knows what they are doing because many times they can sense when you’re nervous, and if they are one of the “rude” doctors they may try to push you around and test you.

Tip 5: Build rapport with your physicians!
This can go a long way. It is important you take time to be nice to the rounding physicians and residents. Always try to smile and ask how they are doing…….just like how you would with a fellow nurse working the floor with you. Even try and shock the grumpy doctors and say hello to them on a daily basis. You may start to see they soften up over time. Avoid ignoring them when they come to the floor to see your patient. If you take time to build rapport with the doctors, you will notice they are easier to talk to and are quicker to response to your needs.

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How I Study For Nursing School

This is how I study for all of my exam for nursing school. I generally like to start this process a week before my exam to give me enough time to cover everything.

I’ll be doing a study with me video when I start my next semester! Stay tuned for that video!

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Hey guys!
Today’s video is just a quick update on my change to pre-med. I made this decision during finals week so I am very grateful to all the professors and my school for making this happen so quickly!

Hope you guys have a great start of your semester!!!


12 Nursing Interview Questions & How To Answer Them.

This video includes 12 of the most common BEHAVIORAL based interview questions for nurses and provides tips on how to answer them. It also includes the top 5 MOST COMMONLY asked interview questions!

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5 nursing careers you didn’t know existed. One of them might just be the nursing career for you!
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There are a thousand nursing specialties out there, but most people only know of a handful. If you want to choose nursing as your career, but you want to do something a little different than working in a hospital or office setting, then you might want to consider a few of these more obscure nursing positions. Think outside the hospital!

1. Legal Nursing Consultant
2. Forensic Nursing
3. Cruise Ship Nursing
4. Flight/Transport Nursing
5. Nursing Infomatics

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Bassinet Makes Nighttime Nursing Easy

The Halo Bassinest is a swivel sleeper that allows mothers to breastfeed without leaving their bed. Equipped with a flexible wall, night light, lullabies, amongst other features, the Bassinest helps any parent tend to their babies’ needs.

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